Southern Bearded Dragons

Terms of Service

Terms of Service and Shipping

We accept all forms of payment through PayPal.
We represent all of our dragons with honesty and integrity.  All Dragons are guaranteed to be healthy and feeding well at the time they are shipped. It’s our responsibility to deliver to you, a healthy dragon. Since we have No Guarantee of their care after arrival, my responsibility ends when you have received a healthy animal, however please  contact us with any questions or concerns if the dragon is acting “funny” or not how you think it should be. Keep in mind dragons do need time to adjust to their new cage and surroundings, and I highly recommend you quarantine the dragon from others until it gets settled in, and feeding.  If we don't hear from you within 8 hours after delivery we assume you are delighted with your new Dragon and our transaction is complete.... Please follow our care instructions on our web site. Again, ANY questions please do not hesitate to contact us...
Please report any problems to us immediately not a week or two later. We will make every effort to solve them. Usually it's minor changes such as adjusting the temps in the cage for example.
IMPORTANT: You MUST be available to receive your dragon. In the case of a DOA you must notify us within 2 hours of delivery. A picture may be requested.

Shipping Methods:

We ship using UPS next day Monday thru Wednesday. We pack our dragons in shipping boxes lined with the appropriate insulation depending on the weather. Baby dragons will be shipped inside of a deli cup. Larger dragons may be placed in a larger deli cup or a snake bag.
We also include a heat or ice pack at no extra cost to you when needed.

RETURN POLICY: Refund/ Exchanges are made on case by case bases at Our Discretion. Buyer is responsible for the shipping charges for the return of the animal. Refunds are for the price of the animal only. Shipping charges are NOT REFUNDABLE. Animals must be shipped back to me first and in the same condition as when it was shipped to you, before Refund of the purchase price can be made.. Please understand that housing your new dragon with another reptile could pass contagions that could devastate our entire collection. If you choose to cohabitate your new Dragon, any guarantee or return is VOID.


Lot Sales are final at time of purchase. No returns or exchanges.

Regarding color: We expect animals from certain bloodlines to look similar in color to their parents, but it is impossible for us to know exactly what an animal will look as it ages. There are many variables involved in determining a lizard’s color, including light, temperature, mood, color of the enclosure, etc. Because of this, we cannot guarantee how a particular lizard will look as it grows and ages.
Sex of the animal is probable on any Dragon less than 8 inches.

Please feel free to email us with any questions about any of our dragons!

Thank you,